La Ciaccia

A voyage sailing in an emerald sea

Between small and large bays with white sand, there is La Ciaccia Beach in the enchanting Sardinia, an island that astonishes the visitor for its natural contrasts, lights and colours, surrounded by a wild and unspoilt nature.

In a wonderful setting between Valledoria and Castelsardo, there is La Ciaccia, a place that offers a sandy and rocky beach with crystal clear water, ideal for families.

A delightful restaurant with breathtaking sea views, ‘La Locanda del Mare’ prepares meals with the catch of the day.

Near La Ciaccia, there is San Pietro a Mare, one of the most remarkable and popular beaches of the Baia dei Tramonti, belonging to Valledoria, an increasingly important tourist attraction in the north of Sardinia.

In this beautiful beach located in the center of the Gulf of Asinara you can practice various water sports such as canoeing and kite surfing.  

The whole coastline, after sunset, is transformed by breathtaking colours that leave you speechless. San Pietro a Mare offers the pleasure to relax walking under the shade of the secular trees of the pinewood right in front of the beach.

Worth a visit in the surroundings, the thermal baths of Casteldoria for a restful plunge into the sulphurous waters and the whole west coast, where the ancient Catalan city of Alghero is located. The nearby Valledoria, with clubs, bars and restaurants, offers some more entertainment for those who wish to spend the evenings.

Located at the extreme tip of Sardinia, to the north-west, Stintino has one of the most fascinating coastlines in the entire region, with breathtaking views, wild and unspoilt nature, and beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters, such as the well-known beach “La Pelosa”. Stintino is a true paradise for sea lovers and visited every year by millions of tourists from all over the world.